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BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)



The BCBA provides support to individuals and their families by coordinating and providing services in Applied Behavior Analysis, function analyses and assessment, behavior acquisition and reduction procedures, and adaptive life skills.



  • Adhere to all BACB standards

  • Complete assessment and treatment plans

  • Create programs and teaching plans in Central Reach

  • Provide supervision to ABA therapists

  • Prepare and facilitate on the job staff training/program modeling

  • Provide parent training/Collaborations

  • Generating appropriate goals and objectives

  • Writing curriculum, BIPs and RBT trainings

  • Utilize Vineland III, PBBDI, fast, and other assessments

  • Reviewing and analyzing data

  • Providing sole services as needed

  • Communicate and bridge the gap with schools throughout the Pikes Peak region

  • Collaborate with our other BCBA’s to create the best programs for children we serve

  • Supervising BCBA students (providing opportunity for direct and indirect hours)

  • Meet billable expectations


  • Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, or related field

  • Current BCBA certification

  • Competency writing behavior reduction and skill acquisition programs

  • Experience with children, teens and young adults in a home or clinic setting

  • Ability to provide supervision for staff toward their 1500 hours

  • Creative and organized

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong work ethic

  • Knowledge of BACB ethics and policies

  • Basic computer application knowledge

  • Keep workplace sanitized and clean

  • Communicates effectively with staff and upper level management

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills

  • Excellent analytical/problem solving skills

  • Strong leadership skills, thorough and detail oriented

  • Participates in individual continuing education and professional development

  • Ability to work with highly aggressive clients who hit, bite, spit, kick as well as other high magnitude aggression towards self, staff and others

  • Physical requirements:

    • Must be able to sit on the floor or stand for extended periods of time (30 minutes or more)

    • Must be able to assume and maintain a variety of postures (kneeling, squatting, crawling, sitting, standing) for a minimum of 30 minutes

    • Must be able to lift to 50 pounds 1/3 of working time

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