Aspire has been implementing enhanced policies, in many instances over and above what is recommended and adding additional precautions to help reduce the spread of germs during this time.  For example:

·       We clean twice a day with our own cleaners and bleach as well as provide hand sanitizer, masks and gloves to all staff. 

·       We are doing a deep clean with chemical grade disinfectant every weekend when staff and clients are not present. 

·       We continue to stress personal sanitary measures such as covering coughs/sneezes, washing hands frequently, etc.

·       We are sending any staff or clients home that are exhibiting symptoms and anyone sent home must be symptom free (without        medication for fevers) for 48 hours before returning.

·       Staff continue to wear masks and gloves when working directly with clients in the home or in the Center to reduce potential spread of the virus. 

·       We are conducting daily temperature checks twice a day and monitor symptoms in employees and clients and any person entering our facility.

·       We have placed markers on floors and signs have been posted to remind everyone about social distancing.

Here is an update from our Compliance Director:


  1. We are currently following the CDC guidelines when it comes to cleaning and ensuring that others are staying home when they are sick.​

  2. Per the BACB guidelines, oversight is needed for any services in which the BCBA and the RBT have no previous experience or training. All of the BCBAs have been able to review proper guidelines for conducting sessions via telehealth and updating programs as needed for kids that have moved to telehealth. Telehealth will only be used if the client is unable to do in-home or in-center, insurance approved, and the client will benefit from the service. The BCBAs have reviewed webinars and documentation for implementing telehealth from various sources.​

  3. When conducting telehealth sessions, it is required that staff are on site during sessions should there be an issue that comes up during this time. And per our Clinical Director: While at the center, there are multiple BCBAs on site that are available to assist with a client should an issue arise. This would not be the case if the technician is conducting the session in their home. Issues would not be able to be addressed effectively should the supervising BCBA be unavailable. We also have materials in center when conducting telehealth. 

    1. This is to ensure that we can provide supervision in the moment and should any questions comes up, BCBAs are able to answer them in the moment and ensure treatment fidelity when we are using this new system.  

  4. We are currently making judgments on a case by case basis on which clients will benefit from telehealth/in home sessions. We are ensuring that clients will benefit from these changes and that families are able to accommodate these changes. We are also helping families as needed so that they can continue services.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the admin staff or the BCBAs. We will try to answer your questions to the best of our abilities and do research if we do not have those answers.


The current CDC guidelines can be found here:


The BACB ethics guidelines during this time can be found here:

Documents from the Colorado Public Health website regarding Corona Virus as well as a flyer from the CDC.

For the most accurate and up to date Corona Virus (COVID-19) information please visit:

CDC website:

Colorado Department of Public Health:

"Doing My Part, Help Colorado Now"

Colorado Department of Education Resources for Schools

School Lunches

For our families who may be affected by kids not being in school during this time and not getting regular meals 

Preventing Illness

Helping prevent the spread of illness

It is important to take precautions and stay informed to help keep your students safe and lower the risk of spreading germs and disease.

Resources for avoiding the flu

We encourage all our families to review and implement the recommendations from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) so students stay healthier. Below are some resources to help you be prepared and reduce health risks this season.

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