Communication is Our Priority

It is our desire to always communicate effectively with families.  By posting our policies, we hope to avoid confusion and also ensure every policy is clear and easily accessible.  (Please note, a more extensive listing of policies can be found in the Aspire Behavioral Care Parent Handbook).



All forms of nuts and nut products (including products cooked in peanut oil or tree nut oil are prohibited in the Aspire center.  This includes granola bars, cookies, sandwiches, scones and all other products that contain nuts. 


Eggs, in their natural form, such as boiled or scrambled are also prohibited in the Aspire Center.  If they are in products (cookies, bars, and so on) they are permitted.


Milk is permitted in the center when it is enclosed in a spill proof container.


Lunch box checks will be held in the waiting room enabling all prohibited items to be safely removed with limited exposure.  All prohibited items will be given to parents/guardians to take home.


Please ask yourself these questions to determine if the food item is permitted


Can my child eat the allergen?

NO – Any and all peanuts or tree nuts OR products cooked in peanut or tree nut oils -- Chick-Fil-A is a food chain that cooks chicken in peanut oil

NO – Any eggs in their natural form (boiled, scrambled)

Yes – Milk (in a sealed, spill resistant cup)


Can my child eat food items if the allergen is within in a product?

NO – Any products containing nuts.

Yes – Eggs

Yes – Milk


Is it safe when labeling says the item was made in a plant or facility?

NO – When a label states there may be a trace of nuts in items

YES – When a label states it may have been made in a plant or facility that produces nut products (this is subject to change should more reactions occur).


Chronic failure to follow this policy could result in a reduction of shifts, and or dismissal from Aspire Behavioral Care.  Please help us keep all of the children we love and serve safe. 



We realize that emergencies and other scheduling conflicts arise and are sometimes unavoidable, however, advance notification allows us to fulfill other children’s scheduling needs and keeps the center operating at an efficient level.  Due to our 1:1 session, missed appointments are a significant disruption to the center, your RBT’s/BCBA’s and our other families.


1.       Please provide our office with a 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment.  Families who do not attend a scheduled appointment or do not provide 24-hour notice to change a scheduled session may be responsible a $50.00 no show cancellation fee. This fee cannot be billed to your insurance company and must be paid on or before your next scheduled appointment.  We reserve the right to dismiss patients from treatment for repetitive no-shows and or cancellations with less than 24-hour notice.

2.       We reserve your session time just for you.  The 24-hour notice allows us to place another child in your canceled appointment time.  As we have a waiting list of patients trying to get in for therapy, a missed appointment on your part prevents another patient from getting the help they need.

3.       Many insurance companies expect regular attendance to ABA therapy as a requirement of an approved treatment plan.  If appointments are missed or canceled on a regular basis it could affect the status of your claim.  Your child’s treatment plan has been established by their BCBA to help them grow.  Missing appointments hinders that process and may end up delaying progress.

4.       Please see the Parent Handbook for more information on this policy.

5.       Please contact our scheduler via email, text, or call to cancel an appointment.

6.       Email:

7.       Phone: 719 822-3512

Change in Staff Requests

If you have specific questions or concerns regarding the BCBA or therapists working with your child please arrange an in-person meeting first with the supervising BCBA to discuss your concerns.  If your concerns are not resolved through this meeting, we request you arrange a meeting with Aspire's Clinical and to discuss your concerns.  It is our greatest hope, through effective communication, all concerns will be resolved.  If however, if a family is still requesting a staff change after these meetings, the Aspire team will discuss your concerns and make a decision regarding your request. Please understand changing BCBA's, in particular, is not easily accommodated as multiple families are impacted by this type of change.   It is our highest goal to ensure all families have the very best care.  If it is determined that a change is possible, we will implement a process that is least disruptive to all families involved.

Escorting Children into the Center and to the Car after Sessions

Aspire staff love helping our families.  They are often seen assisting families children from cars to the center and from the center to cars.  When they are doing this, however, they are following strict behavior plans.  This, in other words, is part of specific children's individual therapy sessions.  In general, it is not permissible for staff to assist families without a behavior plan including the need for support from the car to the center and vice versa to have this additional support.  If you are needing additional assistance please speak directly with your child's BCBA.  If it is determined that additional support is needed for the growth of your child, it will be added into their programming and additional time will be added to your child's session to accommodate this need.

Inclement Weather

In general, Aspire Behavioral Care will adhere to School District 20 to determine late starts.  If the district's delay, please check the Aspire website to confirm we have delayed.  If the school districts close, Aspire will check road conditions at 9:30 AM and post no later than 10:00 on the website if we are opening or closing for the day.  Additionally, families can expect a phone call from their child's BCBA to inform them directly whether their child's therapy session has been cancelled.

Personal Devices

Contacting staff via their personal devices (cell phones, and tablets) is not permitted.  BCBA's can be reached via their work email accounts.  Therapists should be contacted through the office phone at 719 465-3695.

Sick Child Policy

Aspire Behavioral Care service children who have poor immune systems.  Please do not bring your child to the center if they exhibit any of the following symptoms.


  1.  A fever over 100.9 F

  2. Any type of rash or questionable bumps and/or red spots.  This requires doctors visits prior to return to prevent the possible spread of infection.

  3. Constant green/yellow/brown mucus coming out of the nose, mouth or eyes.

  4. Uncontrollable cough with or without congestion (requiring asthma medications or cough suppressant to decrease the cough).

  5. Loose stool or diarrhea more than once a day. (24 hours free of this condition is required prior to return to the center).

  6. Vomiting or stomach flu of any kind. (24 hours free of vomiting is required to return to the center).

  7. Any illness that prevents the child from fully participating in the therapy session.