Behavioral Therapy

  • BCBA directed and supervised

  • RBT (ABA) Therapists

  • Toilet Training

  • Individualized Programming

  • Socialization Training

  • Community Involvement

  • Programs

  • Life Skills

  • Family Interaction

  • Learning Readiness Programs

  • Parental Support

  • Sensory Integrated Programs

  • Collaboration and Wrap Around

  • Services with other Interventions

  • Advocacy for IEPs and School

  • Collaboration

Other Expertise

School Observation -Dependent on District Rules
  • Direct observation in the school setting

  • Collaborate with teachers and paraprofessionals on tasks

  • Develop techniques to communicate

  • Assist with program modification

  • Provide resources for school staff

Partnering Within the School Setting

  • Direct one on one therapy in school setting according to school needs

  • Coordinated approach aligned with district and school.

Community Support

  • one on one support offered in the community with experienced registered behavior technician to help generalization of skills.