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Our Culture

Aspire conducted a survey to learn how our team was feeling.  Were we hitting the mark?  Were we falling short?  We were touched by so many of the comments made.  Our staff is truly incredible and their responses are worthy of sharing!

We care.  Our mission statement is no joke.  We are our mission, to our success and most importantly the kids.

ABC is a family.  I would refer friends and family because of the staff and environment.  Staff genuinely care about clients.

I love Aspire!  I love this family of providers and the kids I get to work with.

Compassion separates us.  I think ABC makes sure that the clients are taken care of and satistied with the level of care.

The biggest thing is family.  Staff and leadaership genuinely care about each other.  What separates us is the positivity that spreads through out the center and to our clients.

They make me feel welcomed and loved.

The center cares about its employees and clients;  it is not about the money or just a job.

I have brought an idea to management and was heard, respected and appreciated.

Individualized care.  The management's care of staff and the staff''s care of clients.

Individualized care.  The management's care of staff and the staff's care of clients.

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