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A Letter From Our SLP

Hello Aspire Family!

      I am excited to introduce myself as Aspire’s speech therapist! My name is Esther Solomon and I have recently joined the Aspire team to provide speech services for the Aspire clients! Here are some interesting facts about me. Speech therapy for kiddos with special needs became my passion when I worked as a paraprofessional, a teacher’s assistant for children with special needs. I am the only certified Early Start Denver Model (internationally known early intervention behavior therapy for young learners with autism) provider in Colorado Springs. I have loved working with younger kiddos and elementary-aged kiddos since I was a teenager. Indoor gardening has become a new hobby. Hopefully, I can keep the plants alive past the summer months. If you have any great indoor gardening tips, please share! I’ll be taking new clients in the upcoming weeks and may contact you regarding a speech referral/script from the physician and a formal evaluation as first step towards speech therapy. If you feel your child may benefit from speech services or if you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s communication skills, please feel free to contact your child’s BCBA or Aspire’s front desk. I’ll send my contact information when it is finalized. I look forward to potentially being a part of your child’s communication journey!


Esther Solomon, MS, CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist

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