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COVID-19 Update (August 2021)


We thank you for all your support during the past year and the flexibility with new staff. Aspire is grateful we have continued to keep our doors open to help your kiddos get the services they need.  We are glad to see things settle down as more people get vaccinated. With new guidelines coming out we wanted to keep you updated on our policies and procedures.


  1. We are continuing our cleaning procedures to keep the center sanitized.

  2. We are continuing to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer throughout the center.

  3. We are continuing to practice social distancing.

  4. Staff are still wearing masks when in direct contact with clients, family members, or other therapists.

  5. Temperature checks are no longer required at this time.


Please keep your kiddo home if they are sick. Please see our sickness policy in the parent handbook or call us with any questions.